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Harvey County 30-Day Use: 7.71%

Although total youth 30-day use in Harvey County is only 7.71%, among high school seniors in the county, 30-day use is up to 19.25% and increasing each year. With the legalization of marijuana in surrounding states, youth do not believe that marijuana is harmful.

43.75% of Harvey County high school seniors do not believe that marijuana is harmful.

There are conflicting messages around marijuana usage and its effects, but what is becoming more and more apparent is that underage use can have an irreversible impact on IQ and brain function.

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Marijuana can be broken down into two main components (out of about 500): THC and CBD.  Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC is the component that gives the user a high. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the other component that has been widely used to help cope with chronic pain. 

In 1995, the natural marijuana that was often used had roughly 4% THC. Today's marijuana, especially in the new legalized marked, manufacturers have genetically altered the THC content for a larger high. Most weed is between  12-15% THC, with some reaching up to 30%. 

With the rising legalization of marijuana comes an increase in messaging and politics around the issue, saying marijuana is natural, boasting of health effects, economic effects. It has become essential to research these messages to find the truth. Check out the resources section below to find tips for parents and some helpful research on the effects on youth and the impact of legalization. 

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